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News | 03.14.2022

Here’s How Pandemic Loneliness Led This Student To Become A Canna-Influencer

Caroline Sands (@jointsbycal) is a prime example of how you don't need to be famous or born into wealth to connect with fellow consumers.

It wasn’t long ago that cannabis enthusiast and influencer Caroline Sands was scrolling through her feed, looking for ways to interact with like-minded consumers. The senior marketing major at DePaul University in Chicago decided that creating an Instagram account around cannabis might help do the trick. 

Although Sands has just over 100 followers, which many might think doesn’t mark the status of a ‘true influencer,’ her sole goal was to combat pandemic loneliness and share her love for rolling joints with fellow cannabis consumers. And now, she’s done exactly that.

When browsing her page, @jointsbycal, you’re met with an array of skillfully rolled joints using different papers and interactive comments that ask about the recent roll. In her native Chicago, cannabis is legal for recreational use, and there are constantly new dispensaries and shops opening up around Illinois jurisdictions that allow legal pot sales. 

Wanting to take advantage of the legal market and her love of cannabis (and expressing creativity), Sands felt that Instagram was the best place to start. 

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Photo courtesy of jointsbycal

Recalling an accomplishment, Sands mentioned to DePaul Online that she was surprised to receive a message from an Instagram account that wanted to supply her with rolling papers and other goodies. 

Marlon Francis operates the @outdatrunk_market Instagram account, representing the supplier of Maji Water Rolling Papers. He thought that reaching out to small influencers like Sands would help promote his products to consumers looking for a more intimate and reliable experience. 

After Francis sent Sands a message that praised her for her skilled and expressive joint-rolling talents, he said some Maji Water Rolling Papers might be of use to her page. Francis then sent a package of rolling papers, cones, and a customized rolling tray with Sands’ Instagram username to her door. 

Sands told DePaul Online that she “was so excited when I got the package because nobody’s ever sent me anything for free before.” Recalling the experience, she said it was incredibly helpful because they were both able to “support each other’s pages.”

Looking off into the future, Sands mentioned that she’s looking to create more posts and content after graduation, which would hopefully allow her to dedicate more time to @jointsbycal. Caroline Sands’ story is just one of many that demonstrate how you don’t need to be born into fame or have access to generous funding to make your influencer dreams a reality

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