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Legalization | 05.28.2022

Rhode Island Is The Latest State To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

We welcome the official 19th state to adopt recreational cannabis legalization.

Slowly but surely, we’re inching closer toward federal cannabis legalization

Hey, even decriminalization would be a huge win. 

The latest state to hop on the legalization train is Rhode Island. Democratic Governor Dan McKee signed legislation to bring Rhode Islanders legal adult-use cannabis. 

Like all other weed-friendly states, Rhode Island’s recreational cannabis scene will only be available to those 21 and older. 


What's Allowed?

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Under The Rhode Island Cannabis Act, consumers aged 21 and older will be permitted to do the following;

  • Posses up to one ounce of cannabis in public
  • Possess up to 10 ounces at home
  • Grow up to six cannabis plants at home
  • Purchase a daily limit of cannabis (This won’t be clear until sales launch)
  • Purchase legal cannabis from a dispensary by December 2022

In terms of equity and justice initiatives, Rhode Island will review and expunge criminal records from non-violent cannabis crimes. This process should be near completion by July 1, 2024. 

The state will also offer programs to social equity applicants who want to begin venturing into the cannabis space. Furthermore, communities most affected by the war on drugs and cannabis prohibition will receive funds from the state’s cannabis sales taxes. 

The state’s cannabis act also allows 33 cannabis retail stores, including the many medical cannabis dispensaries. Medical cannabis storefronts can choose to remain medicinal or apply for an adult-use license to sell both. 

We’re thrilled to hear that Rhode Island has adopted a “common sense” law and helped push the country’s perspective of cannabis into a more welcoming space. Although sales won’t likely begin until December, signing critical legislation into law is the needed first step. 

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