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News | 04.03.2023

NBA Now Allows Players To Use Cannabis, Removing Random Drug Testing For THC

Whoomp, there it is.

The NBA made headlines on Saturday morning when it was announced that the association would eliminate its ban on marijuana and remove random drug testing for the plant. The recent news is a significant step forward for both athletes and the cannabis industry. 

The National Basketball Players Association’s new collective bargaining agreement now permits NBA players to use cannabis and lifts testing for it simultaneously. This is a groundbreaking move that signals a shift in societal views around cannabis and highlights how commonly NBA athletes use it.

Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant has been outspoken regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Not only has he entered a multi-year partnership with Weedmaps, but he sat down with David Letterman to discuss his cannabis use and how it benefits his daily life.

The recently lifted ban on cannabis will permit NBA players to use it without fear of punishment. With the NBA allowing its players to use the plant, other sports leagues and organizations will likely follow suit.

The NBA’s decision to lift its cannabis ban is not an endorsement to encourage players to use the plant but rather a recognition of its medicinal properties and the changing societal attitudes towards its use.

Specific details of the new policy will be available once the agreement is finalized. As it stands, the news marks an exciting time in the cannabis industry and for athletes who can now access the plant’s benefits freely and without repercussions.

As society continues to shift its views around cannabis, we can only hope to see more sports leagues and associations following in the footsteps of the NBA. 

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