News | 09.12.2022

Raekwon Teams Up With Chris Webber’s “Players Only” To Launch Brand “Compliments Of The Chef”

Raekwon's new cannabis brand enters partnership with Chris Webber's Players Only brand and tech startup CitizenGrown.

Two forces are colliding for a highly anticipated industry venture.

The most recent names to dive into cannabis are none other than Corey Woods, who you might know better as Raekwon “The Chef” from the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

The second name is someone who’s already made a killing in the industry, NBA Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Chris Webber. Now, Raekwon is teaming up with Webber’s luxury cannabis brand, Players Only, for a new brand named after the rapper himself, Compliments of the Chef.

Compliments Of The Chef

Raekwon’s Compliments brand comprises a highly curated selection of his favorite strains, genetics, and cultivars he’s tried throughout the country.

The brand came out the gates swinging with its big debut in Detroit. Compliments of the Chef are currently available at the following shops:

  • Gage Ferndale
  • Gage Kalamazoo
  • Gage Lansing
  • Gage Grand Rapids
  • Gage Adrian Burton
  • Gage Battle Creek
  • Cookies Ann Arbor
  • Cookies Kalamazoo

Although Compliments was born from a collaboration between Raekwon and Webber’s Players Only brand, Compliments is also under a partnership with CitizenGrown. The technology startup creates automated boxes to enable us regular cannabis users to grow the best quality cannabis at home.

Now, under Compliments of the Chef, CitizenGrown will give its boxes to citizens most impacted by the failed War on Drugs and cannabis prohibition. The goal is to help these individuals get access to the highest quality cannabis grown in the comfort of their homes.

"Disrupting The Market"

Giving back to the community is something that Webber and Raekwon are equally passionate about. They’re especially focussed on how cannabis can have a major positive impact on communities across the country, especially in Detroit, where the brand debuted.

Furthermore, the brand’s name, “Compliments of the Chef,” derives from the action of a gourmet Chef’s kiss but regards a highly curated selection of cannabis strains.

Webber stated the following about Players Only’s a partnership with Raekwon:

“Both Raekwon and I share similar visions for uplifting our respective communities and establishing blueprints for cannabis entrepreneurship, so we look forward to disrupting the market for years to come.”

One aspect of Compliments that stands out from the bunch is the brand’s unique scents and aromas within each cannabis strain.

They help users experience a “love at first smell” connection with the strains, which Raekwon carefully curated to share with users throughout Detroit, and, hopefully soon, around the country.

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