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News | 05.17.2022

Former NBA Star Ben Wallace Launches His ‘Undrafted’ Cannabis Brand

The only undrafted hall of famer launched the new company in Michigan.

Retired professional athletes are moving into cannabis. We’ve seen familiar faces like Mike TysonRicky Williams, and David Beckham launch their own companies. 

The next legend to establish his own brand is former Detroit Pistons player Ben Wallace. He recently launched the brand, Undrafted, on the same soil he was shooting hoops on for over a decade. 

Big Ben was the only undrafted player to make the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. This prompted him to launch Undrafted in Michigan

About Undrafted

Photo courtesy of Undrafted

There’s a huge relatable factor about Undrafted.

Undrafted was built around doing whatever it takes to rise up.

He believes that many of us understand what it’s like to be an underdog. So there’s a thrilling nature about winning “in the face of all the people telling you no.”

That’s precisely what Undrafted is about, reaching your best self through determination, grit, and effort.

Undrafted was created in partnership with Jackson, Michigan-based Rair Cannabis to bring Wallace’s array of products to the masses.

Undrafted's Top Products

Photo courtesy of Rair

Undrafted has quite an impressive catalog of products. On the merchandise side, snag anything from hats and hoodies to slides and lighters. 

But the strains are where the party’s at. 

So far, Undrafted has three remarkable strains available in Michigan. 

The first is Clockwork, a euphoric and focus-oriented Sativa-dominant hybrid. Thanks to the rich terpene profile, the strain emits beautiful flavors of fruity citrus. 

It’s an energetic strain perfect for helping you meet deadlines, stay on top of tasks, and operate like clockwork until the day is done. 

Bud Don’t Lie is another heavy-hitter. This strain sits at around 24% THC and is another Sativa-dominant hybrid. 

The subtle earthy flavor paired with the rich and fruity taste is to die for. It offers powerful effects that will have your mind buzzing at first but slowly lead you into a blissed-out state. 

Finally, it’s not a jam without some Block Party. This strain is a balanced hybrid but punches the user with a whopping 33% THC. 

It targets pain and inflammation, washing the user with relaxation and ease. It has a strong terpene profile that emits hints of spicy pepper. 

Find all of these strains and more products on Undrafted’s website

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