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News | 04.06.2022

Thailand Could Be The World’s Leader For Cannabis Retreats

Thailand's reputation as a health and wellness destination could quickly expand with cannabis integration.

In January, Thailand became the first south-east Asian country to take cannabis containing less than 0.2% THC off its list of illicit substances. 

The country has also been quickly expanding its medical sector over the past few years, all in hopes it could integrate marijuana with the many retreats and tourist attractions for an extra financial boost. 

Data from The World Bank shows that 39.9 million tourists traveled to Thailand in 2019, and with those numbers in mind, other reports forecast that 27.7 million individuals will head to Thailand in 2022 solely for health and wellness retreats or other related experiences. 

When you think of touring Thailand, chances are your mind wanders to the many health and wellness-centric retreats offering cannabis products or not. 

While these health-focused experiences have been fairly successful without marijuana, some people hope that the plant will help bring in another lump of wellness-oriented tourists. 

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According to The Guardian, Carl K Linn, Thailand-based author of a newsletter about cannabis, told the magazine that “A lot of people come here to get their faces fixed with plastic surgery. A lot of people come to do dental work and oral surgery and for wellness retreats. Within that context, marijuana will integrate beautifully.”

And she’s right; the thought of having cannabis-based products offered to you to help mitigate pain and inflammation from surgeries could be another unique venture that Thailand could quickly embrace. Similarly, the wellness retreats Linn speaks of could go hand-in-hand with the many healing powers of the cannabis plant. 

The Guardian reports that Thailand is already incorporating CBD (cannabidiol) into countless spas, cafes, restaurants, and resorts.

However, there are still a handful of other cannabinoids that could be implemented into dishes, beverages, or simply administered when participating in retreat activities like sound baths or yoga. 

Under Thailand’s new law, we should expect to see some pro-cannabis movements to help take the country’s wellness-oriented reputation even further. 

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