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Learn | 03.30.2022

Is Wellness The Key To Adding Hemp And Cannabis Products Into Our Routines?

Cannabis Life wants wellness as the key to adding hemp and cannabis products into our routines.

Working with Delta-8 extract has allowed Cannabis Life to show their catalog and present themselves as an addition to our regular routines; by adding some of their gummies, capsules, or oils, users can see the best of THC’s side effects has to offer.

Delta-8 is a milder, hemp-made cannabinoid that promises less intense side effects than other cannabis products.

Delta-8 Gummies In Assorted Flavors

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Are you the kind of person who gets bored of the same flavor after having it repeatedly? With Cannabis Life’s Assorted Flavor Delta-8 THC gummies, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a different fruit with each dose, hand in hand with the delicious side effects of Delta-8. Each piece has 25 mg of Delta-8 THC, and their lab-tested ingredients make them safe to take after the end of a long day. They’re also vegan and gluten-free, so they’re a guilt-free choice if you’re looking for hemp-derived candy.

Delta-8 Gummies in assorted flavors

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Pink Paradise gummies are like summer in a bite: with the sweet and tart flavors of strawberry and watermelon, these Delta-8 gummies are a small alternative to the smoothie you’d take in the mornings, especially with the high that ensues.


Now, their softgels seem like old-school meds, but Cannabis Life made this product for users who aren’t too keen on fruity flavors added to their vitamins and supplements. Some people just want the benefits without the show, and that’s okay, which is why their 10 mg per piece capsules are a great choice. Simple, these Delta-8 infused are all you need to experience the side effects of hemp-derived THC, and they are made with MCT oil. Each jar comes with a 30 count capsule, so they’ll last you a whole month for everyday use.


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Cannabis Life’s 1:1 Delta-8/CBD Oil is a half and half combination of cannabinoids that balances the psychoactive properties and relaxing elements of both. It might even encourage the entourage effect, which is the most harmonious combination of amount and feeling for cannabinoids. With 30 servings in each 30 ml bottle, dividing it into 11 mg of Delta-8 THC and 22 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, these drops are perhaps the easiest way to relax after a workday. It also has a slightly sweet berry flavor, so it feels like a hint of sweetness with a strong relaxing element that’ll put anyone to sleep for the best rest they’ve had.

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