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News | 05.13.2022

This Company Gives Employees A Monthly Cannabis Allowance

Here's $150 per month, but you can only spend it on weed.

It’s one thing to have a job in the cannabis industry

But to have an allowance given by the company that grants you free weed every month is something I wish for everyone. 

This is what happens at Jointly. The company is based on an app that allows cannabis users to track how much they’re consuming. 

It strives to help consumers find purposeful consumption routines that help them reach a better state of well-being. 

Jointly's Weed Allowance

Photo by Fanette Guilloud

One Jointly employee compares her trip to the dispensary to a child’s trip to the candy store, especially with her monthly allowance. 

24-year-old Katie Hunt spoke with Spectrum News 1 about her experience with Jointly’s allowance. 

“Getting to do it without having to pay for it is like a dream,” she told the outlet. 

With $150 in her pocket every month solely for weed, Hunt’s visits to her favorite dispensary just became a whole lot better. 

Who Does This Help?

Jointly’s employees are thrilled with the monthly weed allowance. But the company’s generous efforts don’t just help employees. 

Have you taken a recent look around your friend group and noticed that people are quitting their jobs left and right? 

We’ve covered the Great Resignation before, which is the name for the millions of people quitting their jobs to look for somewhere offering;

  • Better pay
  • A more appropriate work/life balance
  • Remote work

Jointly’s CEO and co-founder David Kooi hopes the monthly allowance will help bring in new employees, specifically around 20 by the end of 2022.

Besides bringing in new faces, Kooi told Spectrum News 1 that an employee will usually “do their best work” when they’re happy about their job, the company, and their day-to-day tasks/benefits. 

Additionally, Jointly promotes the normalization of cannabis use on the job. 

Kooi compared it to how workers usually need coffee for a pick-me-up. He says cannabis, “when used purposefully, can accomplish the same thing.”

Photo by Fanette Guilloud

What’s better than working for a weed company? The benefits.

While most cannabis companies do not offer a generous monthly allowance to their employees, Jointly’s initiatives are the first step.

Should we expect to see more companies rolling our similar efforts? Take it from me, I hope.

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