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Stiiizy & Joint Efforts: A Cannabis Company With Social Commitment

Supporting individuals and organizations that drive impactful change in communities.

STIIIZY is an innovative, award-winning cannabis brand based in California. It was created in 2017 as a pioneering vape company, and today it has evolved into so much more.

STIIIZZY revolutionized the portable cannabis smoking industry with their vaporizers that offered a no-burn, no-leak experience and the highest quality products.

Not only are they a company that offers incredible products to consume cannabis, such as their Original Pods, extracted from various natural flowers, full of botanically derived terpenes that give a balanced aroma and flavor or their concentrates that have an excellent level of purity.

This Company goes one step further, being one of the most committed cannabis companies in the industry. Through the Joint Efforts initiative, they seek to bring people together and unite communities, all through the power of cannabis.

STIIIZY’s commitment is to serve individuals and organizations that drive impactful change in the communities. By and for the people.

What Are Joint Efforts

Photo courtesy of Stiizy

At STIIIZY it is clear that a brand without a community is nothing. That is why they are so grateful to the community that has made them what they are. Their commitment is to give back.

That is why they have formed what they call “Joint Efforts,” support groups of volunteers for various projects to help and grow the community. They have been varied and broad. Still, one thing they have had in common is the gratitude of STIIIZY to the community that has led them to give back in different ways. They look for and highlight what is good for the community and encourage more of it.

They team up with individuals or companies that do beneficial projects for the community. Some of the contributions have been:

Joint Efforts Volunteers + Heal the Bay

Photo courtesy of Stiizy

STIIIZY’s “Joint Efforts” volunteers take to Santa Monica Beach on their first employee volunteer outing to clean up the beach and pick up litter. They partnered with Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of the greater Los Angeles area safe, healthy and clean.

A few dozen Joint Efforts volunteers combed Santa Monica Beach and picked up nearly 40 pounds of trash and more than 150 cigarette butts and filters.

A joint effort and total success in contributing a little bit to the environment and the cleanliness of this magnificent place.

Canna Get A Second Chance: Career Fair With 40 TONS

STIIIZY and Shryne Group joined 40 Tons as lead sponsors of the Canna Get a Second Chance Cannabis Job Fair in Hawthorne California.

With over 300 job seekers, hiring managers, and other important resources, the career fair helped people get job offers and/or much-needed assistance to get their foot in the door in the cannabis space, this is a very important support to improve the quality of life for hundreds of people who want to succeed and get a job or get involved in the cannabis world.

This event evidenced support for equitable hiring practices, dedication to restorative justice, and bringing opportunities to historically underserved communities.

STIIIZY Provides Veterans In Davis With Medical Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Stiizy

STIIIZY partnered with the Weed for Warriors Project to kick off the 2022 donation season, providing more than 60 veterans with access to medical cannabis, where they received medical cannabis products and accessories.

Medical cannabis is widely regarded in the veteran community as a way to alleviate symptoms without the undesirable side effects that prescription opioids and anti-anxiety medications can cause. STIIIZY is a veteran-led company, and they understand that these troops risked their lives to fight for the country, but are not getting what they deserve at home, so they are doing their part to show support and companionship for their concerns.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the events that STIIIZY has done through its volunteer group Joint Efforts, without a doubt an initiative with a lot of value that contributes to different communities, especially the neediest ones.

We appreciate that there are companies like STIIZY that still care about people and their welfare, being a corporation focused on this from its products and their quality of them to the events held with Joint Efforts. We applaud these initiatives that help people and simultaneously help to demystify the taboo of cannabis. Great work!

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