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News | 11.13.2021

The Original Sonoma Wine And Weed Tours

These informative and educational tours help happy travelers learn the ins and outs of cannabis.

Canna-curious in Sonoma County? Find the answers to all of your questions from the many cannabis-focussed tours offered by Happy Travelers Tours. Each experience helps guests become educated on California’s cannabis culture and the Sonoma County cannabis lifestyle.

Happy Travelers Tours offers four helpful and immersive cannabis tours to showcase the growing process, harvesting, plant processing, and use of alternative medicine. Find which tour suits your fancy with our brief rundowns below.

Immersive Wine And Weed Tour

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Wine and Weed Tour

Located in the scenic Sonoma or Napa Valley, the Immersive Wine And Weed Tour takes guests into a cannabis farm and spends the day strolling the grounds and getting up-close-and-personal with cannabis plants to have a visual educational experience. Even better, guests can also book an overnight stay and enjoy a BBQ meal and a Q&A with the farm’s growers.

Once the tour arrives at the farm, guests can talk with a master grower, observe the plants, sip on some wine, sniff different strains of cannabis, and eat a catered meal. Finally, guests can take part in the tour’s “Trimming Experience” and learn how to manicure a bud, process it for rolling, and then roll a joint with it.

The "High" Tea Experience

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Wine and Weed Tour

Enjoy some high tea with a psychoactive kick at Happy Travelers Tours’ “High” Tea Experience. Guests can expect a sweet goody tower filled with three courses of delicious CBD-infused treats and other non-infused treats, courtesy of their catering chef. The experience also offers three CBD-infused loose-leaf teas steeped tableside in a traditional British tea service style.

The Dispensary Only Tour

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Wine and Weed Tour

This tour also allows guests to see cannabis plants up-close-and-personal, but it focuses on discussing what it takes to grow cannabis indoors. They strive to give guests a first-hand experience and learn just what it takes to grow their own flower through the Exclusive Indoor Grow Tour.

Following this, guests can take a shopping spree and browse products from the tour’s house brand. The next stop is another local dispensary which allows guests to examine the differences between operations while also shopping for additional products on their way. Once the tour completes their experience regarding indoor grow operations, they finish with quality wine tasting and beer quaffing.

The Sip-&-Sniff Sunset Tour

Photo by The Sip-&-Sniff Sunset Tour

This experience is one of Happy Travelers Tours’ most scenic and refreshing adventures. Guests will stroll through the West Sonoma County hills and make their way to the stunning Sonoma Coast and famous Bodega Head.

Once they reach their destination, guests will sit back and relish the panoramic views of the Sonoma Coast and the Pacific Ocean as the sun slowly sets. During this, guests will participate in the “Sniff-&-Sip” experience, comparing different wines to cannabis terpenes. Finally, the tour returns to Sonoma or Santa Rose for a catered meal.

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