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News | 04.28.2022

True X Herb: No To Stigmas, Yes To Freedom Of Expression

The True X Herb 4/20 collaboration embraces the synonymous cannabis and streetwear cultures.

In honor of celebratory 4/20, we’ve partnered with the Colombian leader for streetwear and representation of the culture, True, creating genderless streetwear to promote diversity, love, color, and freedom of expression. 

For years, the cannabis counterculture has coincided with streetwear, from powerful advocates and entertainers to the average user. There’s a specific attitude and power behind street attire, representing our beliefs, lifestyle, and what we stand for as individuals. 

From Medellin, Colombia, True believes the street is where life is, and more often than not, the freshest fashion-forward strutters take the streets and leave others inspired to follow in their confident footsteps. 

Photo courtesy of True / Herb

In celebration of the culture, which just so happens to perfectly align with the cannabis community’s goals and beliefs, we bring you the True x Herb collaboration.

This highly-anticipated fashion-forward, cannabis-forward collection of attire was designed to empower individuals to represent themselves through attention-grabbing, modern, stylish streetwear.

The True x Herb collaboration not only sheds light on the importance of self-expression but was created to promote the proper, responsible use of cannabis and its countless benefits.

Photo courtesy of True / Herb

We firmly say no stigmas, leaving them in the past. All judgments must be tossed out the window, especially in a day and age where freedom of expression has allowed individuals to become the best and happiest version of themselves. 

We hope to continue educating new and seasoned cannabis users about prioritizing responsible consumption while keeping them stylish throughout the process. 

View the full True x Herb collection through True’s website and Instagram page.

Read our exclusive interview with True below.

We are incredibly excited to launch the highly-anticipated 4/20 collaboration with True, the leading Colombian streetwear brand. What do you hope True gets out of this collaboration? What goals do you have in mind?

Our main objective with the collaboration was to ally ourselves with a brand, in this case, Herb, that had a similar vision of freedom and awareness in the consumption of cannabis and its benefits so that we could transmit it to our community with quality content that went beyond the product.

In addition to the opportunity to make ourselves known in other countries outside Latin America.

From your company's personal experience, what is the cannabis scene like in your home base of Medellin, Colombia? Has your company noticed a pattern in consumers that leans towards cannabis use?

In Medellin and Colombia in general, I have noticed that more and more people are using cannabis, but more responsibly and consciously, not only for fun but also for its medical and mental benefits. In addition, although recreational consumption is not yet legal in Colombia, there are less and less taboos about this subject, and people are more open to knowing about it.

How would you describe True's streetwear? What's your mission behind each article of clothing you roll out?

Photo courtesy of True / Herb

Our purpose as a brand is to inspire and empower people to express their own identities.

What does freedom of expression mean to True, and why do you believe it's so important in the modern-day?

Freedom of expression for us is our brand philosophy. Let each person be and do what they want and consider to be best for themselves, to be happy and fulfilled, as long as it does not affect others.

Photo courtesy of True / Herb

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