Culture | 12.05.2022

High Culture: Dank Mart Carries The Dankest Snacks In The Country

Sick of your average munchies? Level up with the exotic and rare snacks at Dank Mart.

Anyone knows that an essential part of the cannabis experience is good snacks. No one wants the munchies to strike when the fridge and cupboards are bare.

But then again, we understand that you might be sick and tired of the regular snacks at your local grocery store. Maybe you want to try a popular product from a different country but aren’t willing to board a plane just for that experience.

That’s when you can look to Dank Mart, the Canadian retailer for fine, exotic, rare, and delicious snacks worldwide. We suggest stocking up and taking advantage of the company’s $10 flat delivery fee across Canada when you spend over $60.

About Dank Mart

You’ve likely seen Dank Mart before, whether in-person or online. The company has physical storefronts in Vancouver and Toronto but offers shipping throughout Canada.

And, you guessed it, the brand prides itself on carrying the dankest products in the country. By dank, we don’t really mean potent and infused with cannabis. Instead, after hitting something dank, these treats are here to satisfy your every craving from salty to sweet.

Dank Mart sources its snacks from all over the world, including countries like:

  • Germany
  • France
  • China
  • United States
  • Canada

The brand’s Instagram page often features some familiar faces with their Dank Mart box. More recently, names like British rapper AJ Tracey, American rapper Amine, and Canadian three-time Olympic bronze medallist Mark McMorris.

The Dankest Snacks In The Country

As mentioned, it wouldn’t be a true cannabis experience without some excellent eats. We know stoners can often be plagued with some social jitters, leaving them to browse food delivery services and munch without leaving the couch.

The only thing is, you don’t always want a full-blown meal for the munchies. Maybe you want a snack like candy, cereal, cookies, and chips. But not just any snack, some of the rarest and most popular treats on the international market.

Browse through familiar candies like M&M’s, Starbursts, and Haribo gummies, or check out some international treats like Cheetos Lime Peas from China, Nestle Lion & Caramel Chocolate from France, or the Mamba Duo candy bar from Germany.

With so many options to choose from, we’re happy to help make your post-sesh munchies just as thrilling as your pre-sesh excitement. For more information about Dank Mart, check out its Instagram page and visit their website at

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