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Herbworthy | 05.26.2022

Herbworthy: Stop In At Toronto’s Vintage Dispensary, Superette

Superette takes you way back to the 50s.

Most dispensaries often have a modern, minimalist design. 

Their sleek nature and soft visual appeal help make a consumer’s experience pleasing and comfortable. However, this theme is frequently overdone.

One dispensary decided to stand out from the “modern” feel and head in a completely opposite direction. 

Based in downtown Toronto and Ottawa, Superette is a cannabis dispensary that’s here to take you back to the 50s.

About Superette

Photo courtesy of Superette

We’re not heading back to the 50s in terms of pot prohibition.

Superette’s flashy checkerboard floors and pop art graphics bring an entirely new visual theme to dispensaries.

It has seven locations throughout Ontario, but its most iconic and decked-out shop sits at 28 Bathurst Street in Toronto.

The dispensary was launched in 2019 by founders Mimi Lam and Drummond Munro.

The groovy interior is the work of designer Emily Robin. She managed to put an authentic 50s spin on the shops that make buying cannabis as enjoyable as consuming it.

The Superette Experience

Photo courtesy of Superette

The major feature separating Superette from other dispensaries is its supermarket feel. 

Once you step foot into the store, it feels like you’re in a vintage pharmacy, bodega, or hardware store. Every inch of the dispensary has something to gaze at. 

But your eyes will first meet the grocery store shelves that hold fake food products along with Superette’s real cannabis goodies. 

There’s an entire section of vintage refrigerators in the back and a large U-shaped counter where consumers check out. Simply pick up a basket as you would at the grocery store and browse at your own pace. 

At Superette the relaxing shopping experience is encouraged, letting you take a close-up look at your future products long before the check-out line. 

That said, budtenders are available for questions and recommendations too. 

You can find anything from flower and pre-rolls to vapes and edibles, including exclusive Superette merch like hats, pipes, jars, and grinders. 

Closing Words

Photo courtesy of Superette

We understand you might be tired of the usual dispensary look. Although the cannabis industry is an incredibly modern and progressive space, a little innovation goes a long way. 

We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the spot-on vintage look and feel of Superette’s dispensaries. 

Who doesn’t want a relaxed and browse-at-your-own-pace shopping experience? 

Allow Superette to make your buying experience just as good as your seshes. For more information, check out Superette’s website.

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