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Holiday: International Budtender Day

Give a round of applause to all the hardworking budtenders.

Every job in the cannabis industry is essential. From growers and trimmers to manufacturers and delivery drivers, each job is just as necessary as the last.

Last year, we celebrated the first-ever International Budtender Day on October 20. Now, for the holiday’s second official year, we thought it’s a better time than ever to give you a rundown on what International Budtender Day is and why we must celebrate the hardworking people that make our industry go ’round.

The new holiday was set in place to acknowledge the effort put into budtending and recognize how essential this role is for the ever-growing cannabis industry worldwide.

The Importance Of Budtenders

When you think of purchasing cannabis, the days of buying from a dealer are over. Well, for most of us who choose to (and can) support the legal market.

That said, let’s take a moment to remember those days when dealers were our only way to access cannabis. Although many of us have experienced shady dealers, we’ve also bought from dealers who go out of their way to ensure you:

  • Had a good experience with the product
  • Might want more of the product
  • Might be interested in other options available

Our dealers are now budtenders in the modern industry, and the product selection is broader than ever. Our precious budtenders bend over backward to ensure consumers leave with a product that helps them reach their desired experience.

Budtenders are the medium between products and consumers. But that means budtenders must be knowledgeable of all products in their shop in order to make meaningful sales while sharing specific products with specific consumers.

If you’re a budtender, why not be the best one? See our guide on how to become the best budtender with 5 simple tips.

About International Budtender Day

International Budtender Day is all about recognizing the work budtenders do for us. The holiday started last year when COVID-19 was still running a muck.

Cannabis sales skyrocketed during the pandemic. And who was there to make it all happen? Budtenders. Even though we couldn’t see them face to face, they were hard at work running products from the back to vehicles for curbside pickup.

While we celebrate our shared love and appreciation for cannabis on Apr. 20, Oct 20 lets us focus on budtenders that are moving our industry forward with education and knowledge. What might be common cannabis knowledge to you is something completely new for someone else.

Budtenders work hard to ensure consumers not only leave with their preferred product but with enough information about what sort of products could help their situation and why.

Not a budtender but intrigued by the position? Here’s a quick guide on how you can become a legal budtender in just seven days. These positions are relatively easy to attain and urgently needed, mainly since budtenders don’t usually stick around at their jobs due to the majority being college students who need to go back to school.

So, it goes without saying that long-term budtenders are needed now more than ever.

Celebrate International Budtender Day

Weed Delivery In New York City

If you’re in New York City, we want to help you celebrate International Budtender Day the right way.

Although the entire state is lacking budtenders due to the current lack of dispensaries, we suggest thanking the hard workers at Feel Good Delivers.

It’s a mobile dispensary that’s been operating for over 15 years, supplying consumers with the top brands from Punch and Bhang to Jeeter and Raw Garden. The truck is located at 29 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11249, and will deliver anywhere within a 4-mile radius of its main location.

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