Here’s How You Become Budtender Certified In Just 7 Days
Guides | 08.20.2019

Here’s How You Become Budtender Certified In Just 7 Days

There’s so much competition to work in the cannabis industry, so help yourself stand out from the crowd with help from the Trichome Institute.

It’s no surprise, everyone wants to get in on the Green Rush with an exciting career in cannabis. Who wouldn’t? Working in the cannabis industry has become the dream job for just about every herb lover in the world. But with that much competition for a position, how can applicants help themselves stand out from the crowd? How can they show they have what it takes to be the best Budtender for the job?

Knowledge is Power

How You Become Budtender Certified: Knowledge is Power

The old adage is true, knowledge is power. The position of Budtender is a new one, meaning virtually no one actually has previous experience. So candidates must try to earn the job with relevant work experience and knowledge of cannabis.

Valuable skills include customer service, inventory control, and sales. But a Budtender can’t help people without knowing about cannabis. From the standpoint of medical accuracy, safety, or simply the vast selection of strains and products, a Budtender has to know the cannabis plant and experience in and out.

The science of cannabis

become a budtender: The science of cannabis

Cannabis is more than just a recreational plant. Cannabis is a rich and complex medicine, with its own science, chemistry, and vocabulary.

A Budtender acts as the front line in educating consumers on the nuances of cannabinoids, terpenes, tolerance, and effects. Without a sophisticated knowledge of the plant, a Budtender is little more than a cashier.

So much misleading or inaccurate information has been spread about cannabis over the years, the cannabis industry has to educate the public in order to ensure a pleasant experience.

The industry

become a budtender: The industry

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A Budtender has to know the products just to help the customer, but with the unique legal position of cannabis, each area has its own regulations and lots of them.

The last thing any cannabis company wants is to get on the wrong side of the law. An employee that already knows the rules and understands how to keep the business safe makes for a valuable asset.

Sure, most people wanting to become Budtenders will have some general knowledge of the herb and its effects. But how does an employer know whether a candidate has an accurate education?

Get your Budtender certification at the Trichome Institute

Get your Budtender certification at the Trichome Institute

Just like any other job, the resumes that stand out have licenses or certifications attesting to their qualifications. They show a company that the prospect has the accurate information and skills to make a top employee. So the only question is, where does one go to get certified in all things cannabis?

Whether it’s for personal improvement or professional training, the Trichome Institute offers the most in-depth, comprehensive education on cannabis in the industry. In their Budtender Certification program, a student will learn about:

  • Consumer Tolerance,
  • Cannabis Flower,
  • Smoking vs Vaping,
  • Edibles & Concentrates,
  • Topicals & other alternatives,
  • Legal limits, Weight Conversions,
  • & More.

The Trichome Institute only offers the most technically advanced and up to date online cannabis education in the world.

Unlike other course providers, their curriculum is reviewed and approved by world-leading authorities in cannabis law, science, and medicine.

Some of their programs are even certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Not only are their courses the best, but they offer a multi-faceted educational approach, including videos and interactive learning to maximize their students’ comprehension and success.

And students can know they are getting the most impressive education available because the Trichome Institute just won The Cannabist’s Pineapple d’Or (Golden Pineapple) Award for the best education in the industry 2016.

Best of all, anyone can earn their certification in as little as 7 hours. That’s right, an hour a day for a week can put a gold star on anyone’s resume, and help them score a coveted cannabis industry career.

Get your dream career tomorrow by honing your resume with a course certificate from the Trichome Institute today. You can enroll here, visit the Trichome Institute’s website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

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