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Guides | 11.25.2022

Best Tools For Budtenders

A good budtender must be well-informed and trained to provide the best customer service.

If you want to have a successful cannabis business, you must build a reliable team. They are the foundation of the entire cannabis retail experience and the only social interaction customers have.

A good budtender can make or break your business. Whether a person feels comfortable in your dispensary and wants to come back depends on the service and experience with budtenders. They are a key piece in the complicated puzzle of having a successful cannabis business.

Below, we’ve included some tips on how to become the best budtender with help from valuable educational tools. Use them for yourself or train your dispensary staff.

Importance Of Budtenders

As mentioned, budtenders are the backbone that runs the business. When you arrive at a cannabis dispensary, you expect the people who serve you to not only be friendly but also knowledgeable about the plant and the store’s product selection.

Many individuals who come into a dispensary are canna-curious and want to learn more about it. Potential customers are likely to arrive loaded with questions and concerns.

If your interest is to have a successful business, you must ensure that those who serve these potential customers have the knowledge and information necessary to solve all the doubts and stigmas related to cannabis.

You not only want to provide quality products but, more importantly, accurate and reliable information.

What Makes A Good Budtender Great?

There are several characteristics that make a good budtender an excellent one. See our points below.

Passionate About Cannabis: When someone talks about what they like, it shows. When they talk about what they don’t like, it shows even more. An excellent budtender is passionate about cannabis and is happy to share all the knowledge they have about it.

Product Knowledge: Customers rely on budtenders to guide them in finding the right product to fit their needs. Accurate recommendations and advice can personalize each experience.

Friendliness And Bonding: For many, entering a dispensary can be uncomfortable. Having a budtender make you feel at home and generate real bonds can make all the difference. Learn their names, strike up a conversation, and find out their interests.

Know Your Customers: Making customers feel a part of your dispensary is sure to keep them coming back. Distinguishing quickly between new customers and regulars and adjusting your communication style accordingly is key. Avoid rushing a new customer, and don’t waste time explaining the basics to a regular.

Adhere To The Rules: Budtenders must manage inventory, customer data, records, packaging, and labeling, report taxes, and learn new regulations on an ongoing basis. An excellent budtender will have extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of cannabis marketing as well as legal marketing restrictions.

Don’t Just Sell Cannabis: It’s not just selling a bud. Creating experiences and selling wellness is a fundamental part of being a good budtender. Also, inform about discounts, bundles, and special offers that make customers feel important.

Training & Education Opportunities

One of the main tools for budtenders is knowledge. And the best way to get educated is through certified entities, such as the Trichome Institute.

Trichome Institute is a cannabis college. Yes, you read that right. A space dedicated to the knowledge of this millenary plant, as well as its applicability to today’s businesses.

Training and education in the cannabis sector, such as seminars, workshops, and tutorials, are valuable tools for budtenders to soak up cannabis knowledge. Trichome Institute realized the lack of standardized education in the cannabis industry and quickly took action.

Trichome Institute offers educational resources loaded with credible, accurate, and thoroughly researched information to ensure that students have only the latest and most valid information to master all aspects of cannabis.

Through reliable cannabis education, they have developed high-quality and trusted courses with industry-recognized certifications. Some of the most popular courses are

  • Cannabis for Everyone
  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Interpreting: Cannabis Sommelier Certification
  • Extraction and Concentrates
  • Cannabis Consultant Training

Even better, they have a special course for dispensaries, Dispensary Training. This program offers four of the above courses and supplies your dispensary staff with the means to raise the bar for cannabis retail experiences.

Education, knowledge, and confidence in budtenders are key to executing sales and maintaining relationships with loyal consumers. The quality of a budtender’s training can influence your dispensary’s revenue and reputation significantly.

In addition, Trichome Institute offers products to deepen the learning and knowledge of budtenders.

Technology For A Good Job

A good dispensary must have the technology to facilitate the different internal processes.

It’s not only about technology but also about budtenders knowing how to manage the dispensary’s software. Having clear payment and shipping processes, as well as other technological tools, will make their work more practical and allow them to focus on customer service.

Training a budtender should always include an overview of all relevant retail technology so that every budtender can start using it quickly and effectively.

Leveraging the data that technology provides is also a great tool for budtenders to gain an in-depth understanding of the dispensary.

Understanding the statistics and sales movements allows them to know what cannabis marketing decisions to make and when to make them. For example, determining at what time of the year certain products are best marketed to exploit their boom with promotions.

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