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Learn | 07.21.2022

Become The Best Budtender With These 5 Tips

Keep those customers returning, happy, and high.

Looking to impress your manager at the dispensary? If you’re not much of a kiss-ass, maybe you want to impress your customers instead.

A dispensary budtender is one of the most cherished and essential jobs in the industry. You are the medium between brands and customers, helping people find what’s right for them.

Whether you want some praise thrown your way or simply want to become a better budtender, here are five tips to help you do that.

Be All-Ears

Every customer you serve prefers a different experience. You can’t always recommend your favorite product; it won’t be the right fit every time.

Whether you have a chatty Cathy or a shy Sharon, asking them what they’re looking for in terms of experience is a must.

And please, for the love of weed gods, don’t hesitate to ask for help from another budtender.

If you’re more of a Sativa specialist, ask your Indica-loving coworker which strains or products are ideal for the customer dealing with insomnia and chronic pain.

Know Your Products Like The Back Of Your Hand

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As mentioned, every cannabis user is different. What you recommend to one person might be way too much for another to handle.

It’s wise to know your dispensary’s product selection so you can cater to everyone’s needs quickly and efficiently.

You want to avoid making consumers wait while you pull up products on the computer. It will take time and experience to learn the ins and outs of your products, but it saves time for both you and the customer in the end.

Understand The Customer's Budget

Every budtender has served someone looking for the cheapest product on the shelves.

At times, the price point of your recommendations might make the customer wince.

Showing customers a variety of products at low price points

  • Helps them realize you care for their situation
  • Let’s them browse options like other customers
  • Allows you to explain which product is right for them while staying in their price range

Build A Relationship With Returning Clients

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When your customers return, you’re doing something right.

There’s a wholesome feeling that comes with knowing you’ve helped someone achieve the experience they desired.

If that same person walks in every week to re-up their stash, ask them how they enjoyed their recent products. If it feels right and natural in the moment, ask more personal questions and get to know the person behind the consumer.

This builds trust and a bond between the two of you. It lets the consumer know that if they have any weed-related questions or simply want to shoot the shit, you’re their person.

A Smile Goes A Long Way

Lighten up, would you? We understand that work is work, and it may be the last place you want to be.

In reality, you’re a budtender, a job that other consumers would jump at.

If you choose to become a budtender, you’re one of the wise ones. Choosing a job that feels like play is good for the soul, and it reflects in your job performance.

Feeling eager to be at work and help connect consumers with the best products lets others know how much you care.

A happy budtender means a happy customer. In a manager’s eyes, that might help you get the raise or promotion you’ve been waiting for.

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