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Guides | 02.21.2023

How To Find A Reliable Weed Dealer Online So You Don’t Have To Struggle For Bud

There is nothing worse than unreliable dealers that leave you hanging with an empty grinder.

Fortunately, the only option you have to look for weed online is no longer reduced to the dark web and Reddit. You can find 100% legal weed products with exceptional added value that range from edibles to tinctures and other concentrates.

Up ahead are some of our favs that we believe you should definitely check out. We also tried to make it so you would get an alternative for almost anything you can think of. The best thing about it is that you can order any of these online!

Edibles for the edible enthusiasts, vape products for those who still believe inhaling is the way to go but are trying to keep away from carcinogens, flower products for the purist who does not plan on shying away from a millenary ritual, and even dabs for those who enjoy the extra kick from potent concentrates.

Your Safest Bet To Finding A Weed Dealer Online Is To Seek Out The Canna-Community

With that in mind, don’t search for weed. Look for people. Search for cannabis-related events in your area, or somewhere it’s likely to be found. /r/trees is always a great place to connect with the community at large. Then there are other communities and events set up on Facebook. Events that don’t necessarily advertise ‘buy your weed online,’ but who knows, maybe the Dirty Heads or Slightly Stoopid or Run the Jewels are in town?

For connecting to the community, there are apps that can also help and are the next best thing to ordering from every pizza place in town and asking the delivery guys.

If all else fails, be social. Go to a concert and make some friends, they’ll smoke you up.

These Are The Best Legal THC Products You Can Buy Online

Best THC Vapes

Binoid THC-O Vape Pen

THC-O is the newest cannabinoid to hit the market, and we guarantee you’ll love it. This cannabinoid is taking the world by storm for one simple reason, it’s up to three times more potent than traditional THC. And, since it’s hemp-derived and Farm Bill compliant, it’s available all over the country.

Despite it being so new, we’re already seeing quality THC-O products like these all-in-one vapes from Binoid. These first-of-their-kind devices feature 92% THC-O distillate paired with strain-specific natural cannabis terpenes. The effect is definitely potent on both your mind and body.

Find these 1 gram rechargeable disposable vapes in four strain-specific options – Blue Zkittlez (Indica), White Runtz (hybrid), Do Si Dos (indica), and Maui Wowie (Sativa).

Delta 8 Flower

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Whether you live in a state where Delta 9 THC is illegal or prefer the chilling but clear effects of Delta 8 THC, the Wild Orchard Dessert Delta 8 Flowers will please you.

Each Wild Orchard Dessert Delta 8 Flower jar contains 7 grams of premium hemp flower. The cultivators at Wild Orchard care purity of cannabinoids the most. Thus, you can expect high concentrations of Delta 8 THC to get high. And to increase the intensity of the effects, they infuse the flowers with Delta 8 THC distillate.

Although the Wild Orchard Dessert Delta 8 Flowers have high concentrations of the psychoactive Delta 8 THC cannabinoid, they are still legal as their Delta 9 THC concentration is below 0.3%.

Discover and enjoy the four strains available:

  • Fruity Loop Milk
  • Lemon Pound Cake
  • Strawberries N’ Cream
  • Blueberry Cream Pie

THC Mints

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Cycling Frog Wintergreen THC Mints are the perfect way to microdose and achieve a balanced state of mind. Each mint contains 1 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD, so the mindset shift will be enough that you’ll notice but not enough you feel “out of it.” You’ll get a sense of relaxation without worrying about being too high.

These mints are perfect for the on-the-go, too. Each container contains 40 mints, so you can easily carry them in your pocket or purse and have them ready when you need them. You can even split them up into multiple doses throughout the day if you need a consistent, low-level dosage.

If you’re looking for a discreet, easy way to take the edge off, Cycling Frog Wintergreen THC Mints are the perfect way to do so. Life’s short, so don’t struggle for bud! Enjoy the ride with Cycling Frog THC Mints.

Live Resin Disposable

With the popularity of vaping soaring, frequent smokers like to tie themselves to a brand that can sort you out in all contexts and situations, with quality products, easy delivery, and decent prices. For us, this brand has been Delta Extrax, which always displays a varied catalog and outdo itself every time with the delivery experience.

A longtime favorite product of ours, one that’s particularly convenient to have available at a click’s distance, is their SFV OG Live Resin disposable pen. Its lemon spiced blend of Delta-10 THC, THC-O, and THC-P hits with refreshing lucidity and delivers a deep and satisfying high.

Fans of fruity terpene flavorings will have a blast looking through the Delta Extrax selection, which also includes a delightfully sweet Pineapple Express disposable as part of their Sugar Extrax line.

A huge advantage of going for Delta Extrax as your vape supplier is the possibility to subscribe to receive their products with 15% off every 2 or 4 weeks, allowing you to stay stocked up with premium disposables while saving dough.

Top-Quality Vape Pens

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In the modern world, finding a reliable weed dealer online can be a challenge. UPGRADE is the perfect solution for those looking for the highest quality products. UPGRADE is a leading online CBD and Delta 8 THC seller that offers various products in different flavors, strengths, and sizes.

The UPGRADE CHILL Animal Mints CDT vape is one of their most popular products. This unique blend combines Delta 8 THC, the hemp-derived alternative to Delta 9 THC, with the natural healing benefits of hemp-derived CBD. This combination makes UPGRADE’s CHILL one of the market’s most potent and effective products.

It’s easy to use and produces a smooth, flavorful vapor that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur. This vape is perfect for those looking for a quick, reliable way to get their daily dose of CBD and Delta 8 THC.

Vapes That Are Bigger Than Ever

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The Ocho XL 3 Gram Disposable contains generous 3 grams of vape oil. Inside you will find live resin extract of the Watermelon OG Indica strain. And 2900 mg of THC-P blended with Delta 8 THC.

The effects of THC-P last longer than the effects of most cannabinoids. This cannabinoid is at least ten times more psychoactive than regular THC. And Delta 8 THC provides a more lucid high. Then, the mix of both cannabinoids produces an intense but manageable experience.

The Watermelon OG is an Indica strain for evening and nighttime use. It has fantastic pain-relieving properties. It also is a recharge of peace and blissfulness. Besides, you will fall for its flavor. The Watermelon OG tastes like ripe grapes with herbal notes.

As a bonus, the live resin extract contains minor cannabinoids and terpenes that add complexity to the high.

The Best THC Flower

Pre-Rolls From Serene Tree

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Powerful concentrate carts in all your favorite strains and concentrate dipped, kief powdered pre-rolls that will keep you smiling from Serene Tree.

When making a purchasing decision, I like to ask what type of consumer they are and what product suits their style. For example, maybe you are a discreet consumer who still wants the easy-to-use, odor-conservative concentrate cart.

The powerful pre-rolls are tailored for the canna-naut.

If you are looking for a smoking experience that will satisfy you, look no further. Serene Tree’s OG KushGrandaddy Purp, and Cookies pre-rolls are made for you.

STIIIZY 40’s Pre-Roll Multipack

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When it comes to pre-rolls, you want to get them from STIIIZY. This brand is reliable and has premium-quality standards when manufacturing its products. Thus, our recommendation is the STIIIZY 40’s Pre-Roll Multipack.

The STIIIZY 40’s Pre-Roll Multipack gives you a Delta 9 THC concentration above 40%. Manufacturers infuse premium-quality flowers with live resin extract and roll them in kief.

Thus, each pre-roll is a pack of pleasure that will send your mind to another world. And will induce your body into a state of relaxation, alleviating aches and pain. Expect the effects to be potent and last longer than most pre-rolls.

Buy your STIIIZY 40’s Pre-Roll Multipack and see what the different strains available have for you.

Delta Extrax Sour Diesel Delta 8 Flower

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Sour Diesel by Delta Extrax, is an excellent option for those who want an extra boost in productivity, clear-headedness, and focus on getting through work-heavy days that require a nudge on the back.

While you will be getting hemp flower, keep in mind that in this case, Delta Extrax has infused it with Delta 8 THC Distillate, giving you the same invigorating and psychoactive you’ve come to expect from D9 THC but with a milder tone to them that bypasses paranoia and anxiety completely.

While Delta 8 is still THC, you can also use it to relax and unwind after a long day, but our suggestion would be to try out an Indica strain that gets the job done more effectively Delta Extrax’s Bubba OG Kush Delta 8 flower.

Godfather OG

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Say hello to your Godfather.

Not the responsible grouch your parents wanted to take care of you in their absence, the strain of heritage and dignity that will never burn out. Godfather OG is a potent Indica strain of legend. Its genetics trace back to Early Resin Berry and OG Kush. Coming from Botany Farms, Godfather OG is strategically infused with the proprietary Delta-8 cold-press rivaled by no other infusion technique.

The cold-press-infused hemp flower of Botany Farms is refreshingly smooth hitting, wonderfully balanced, and a consistent experience you can return to over and over again.

Botany Farms is a flower-focused craft cannabis establishment that consistently elevates the hemp game with customer satisfaction-targeted innovation. The Godfather OG experience of Botany Farms is one-of-one, the experience of a lifetime.

Plain Jane Hemp Pre-Rolls

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Meet Plain Jane, a California-based CBD, Delta 8, and hemp company that creates potent but discreet products for everyday use without complicating how you smoke.

Plain Jane specializes in CBD, Delta 8 flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and vape cartridges. One thing you might want to try from them is their cigarette-like Pre Rolls which are just a delight.

Their Hemp-Filtered Pre-Rolls look and feel like the premium version of your favorite jay, packed with top-shelf buds and high-quality filters. In addition, these pre-rolls look and feel like you’re smoking from a cigarette, making them pretty discreet to have some tokes on the go.

Plain Jane Pre-Rolls are available with in-house, high-quality CBD flower and Delta 8 flower, making them great for all users. Want soft CBD tokes that will brighten your day during a break? They got you covered. In the mood for something a little stronger during nighttime? Have some Delta 8 Pre-Rolls instead.


Best THC Edibles

Delta-9 THC Gummies

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Looking for a delicious and discreet way to consume your cannabis? Look no further than the best from Botany Farms. These gummies are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the paranoia or anxiety that can sometimes come with smoking or consuming edibles.

Botany Farms’ Delta-9 THC Blue Raspberry Gummies are made with all-natural ingredients and infused with 10mg of THC and 14mg of CBD, making them the perfect way to enjoy a little bit of weed without overdoing it. These gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

If you’re looking for a delicious, discreet, and effective way to consume your cannabis, I highly recommend Botany Farms’ gummies. You’ll be impressed.

CBDistillery Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies

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The CBDistillery Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies pack a punch that sends you to the land of dreams in no time. The folks at CBDistillery infuse these gummies with 5 mg of THC, 5 mg of CBN, and 25 mg of CBD. This formula produces a mild mental buzz and an intense body-relaxing sensation.

A bite of these gummies helps your muscles lose all tension. Your limbs feel warm and heavy. Lastly, you only want to lay on your bed. CBDistillery Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies are favorites of people fighting insomnia.

It is a pain to have trouble falling asleep, but it disappears with a gummy and its dreamberry flavor. Sweet gummies, sweet dreams.

Galaxy Treats

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Many top-quality suppliers, like Galaxy Treats, have expanded their storefronts beyond edibles and into becoming one-stop shops for everything legal hemp.

This means they now carry the expertise to go industrial on some mouth-watering cannabinoids, including HHC, Delta 8, THC-O, and beyond, in edible and disposable vape forms.

Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies

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The Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies are everyone’s dose of happiness. The Delta 8 THC will get you relaxed and soothe your body while making a party in your mouth. Their Blue Dream Berry terpenes profile will take your mind to heaven even before the D8 does.

Every jar has eight gummies, and every gummy has 25 ml of Delta 8 THC. That makes 625 mg of hemp-derived D8 per jar. And these gummies are lab tested to ensure quality, safety, and the best experience you can get from them.

If you are a fan of exceptionally tasty gummies and the tender buzz of Delta 8 THC, you can’t miss trying the Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies and their Blue Dream Berry flavor.

Injoy Extracts Delta 8 Gummies

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The Injoy Extracts 75mg Delta 8 Gummies have no parallel in the market regarding potency. These gummies promise to become your new favorite edibles if you are a seasoned user with developed tolerance.

There is a significant difference between a gummy with 75 mg of Delta 8 THC and any other. It only takes one bite to send you to Jupyter and back without leaving your couch. A trip of relaxation, full of sugary flavors.

And although it sounds out of this world, one bag of Injoy Extracts 75mg Delta 8 Gummies has 114 pieces with 75 mg of D8 each. You won’t run out of gummies for a while.

The Injoy Extracts 75mg Delta 8 Gummies are vegan, lab-tested, and legal. Besides, they are delicious. Try them in its different flavors:

  • Cotton Candy
  • Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Margarita

Drink Your Cannabis

Disco Toke Delta 8 Tokens

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Imagine being able to discreetly enhance your social experiences and bring back the groovy vibe of the 70s with just a drop of liquid. Disko Toke’s 10mg Delta 8 THC tokens are the ultimate party accessory, dissolving quickly in any beverage for a fast onset and an accurate dose.

It’s not just about the high; it’s about the entire experience. With Disco Toke, you’re not just getting a run-of-the-mill THC product but a chance to relive the carefree and funky spirit of the disco era.

So next time you hit the town or have a party at home, bring along Disco Toke water-soluble Delta 8 THC tokens and let them transport you to a night of endless dancing and good vibes. Delta 8 products are farm-bill compliant and legal in all 50 states! Enjoy Disco Toke wherever you find yourself.

Best THC Concentrates

Binoid Delta 8 Wax Dabs

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Binoid CBD has some excellent Delta 8 wax dabs. Their 1 gram concentrates pack more of a punch as they feature 92% Delta 8 and come in six strain-specific options: Blue Dream, Lemon Squeeze, Fruity Pebbles, OG Kush, Zkittlez, and Pineapple Express

Kynn Labs Delta 8 Disposables

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The Kynn Labs Delta 8 Blue Dream Disposable is the Sativa leaning hybrid that will put you in the mood to make your day the best it can be. A few puffs of this vape will wash away the bad vibes, recharge your energy, and unleash your creativity. It is perfect to use before doing a creative task.

When it comes to flavor, its name delivers what it promises. The Kynn Labs Delta 8 Blue Dream Disposable tastes like ripe berries. The flavor spreads over your tongue and takes over your senses. It is fantastic.

The disposable activates when you inhale it. It has a food-grade PCTG mouthpiece and a medical-grade stainless steel central post to ensure it is not harmful to your health and won’t break easily.

You can see how much oil remains with the oil view window. And don’t worry if the battery goes off before finishing it because you can recharge it. See more impressive details about Kynn Labs’ disposable vapes below.

Truer-To-Taste Formula: 12x longer extraction process and 3x higher terpene profile.

Greater & More Enjoyable Buzz: 48% larger clouds and 88% more consistent vapor amount.

Free Of Burns, Clogs, & Leaks: 2x stronger leak-proof ability, 50% less suction resistance, and high-quality proprietary ceramic heating technology.

Safe & Federally Compliant: Kynn Labs’ vaporizers are federally legal, cleared for interstate transportation, and rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and residuals.

Grow Your Own: Phantom Menace Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If you want a reliable dealer, why not be your own dealer? Grow your cannabis plant at home using the Phantom Menace Feminized Cannabis Seeds. These feminized seeds promise that you can use every flower it grows to smoke it, and there is an extra pleasure in smoking the weed you know you cultivated.

The Phantom Menace produces a breathtaking THC concentration of around 29%, making it a strain for seasoned users. It is excellent to reduce stress and pain from migraine and arthritis while putting you in a deep state of relaxation.

It has a flowering time between 8 and 10 weeks, growing from 31 to 55 inches tall and yielding 18 to 21 oz per square meter.

The Phantom Menace is ready to harvest in October.

Don’t worry if you are not sure about how to cultivate it. You can check the best way to seed and grow the Phantom Menace Feminized Cannabis Seeds on the Homegrown website and use the Quick-Start Marijuana Grow Kit so that your plant produces the most pleasant compounds.

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds

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The Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds will grow the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain. The Gorilla Glue is a perfectly balanced hybrid that produces up to 25% THC content. It is perfect to use any time of the day to keep you energized and motivated.

Its uplifting effects make the Gorilla Glue a treasure. And the mental and physical buzz makes an incredibly pleasant entourage effect with its sweet and sour flavors.

When cultivating the Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds, you can start any time of the year. These seeds are straightforward to grow. You can harvest its flowers in 7 to 10 weeks and expect a yield between 5 to 15 oz per plant.

If you seek to grow your own cannabis plant and are a fan of smoking-balanced hybrid strains to uplift your spirit during the day, the Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds are a more than excellent choice.

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