News | 06.27.2022

See What’s Inside The Golden State Warriors’ Championship Cannabis Goodie Bags

The Warriors are well-prepared to celebrate their latest NBA championship.

Fresh off their fourth NBA championship in eight years, the Golden State Warriors are in full-on celebration mode.

In honor of the win, one San Francisco cannabis brand gifted each player a weed-friendly goodie bag.

Over the past few years, the NBA has been loosening rules around cannabis and random drug testing. As of now, the league doesn’t randomly drug test players for cannabis.

With that in mind, we’re sure players will be keen to dabble in the green within their new goodie bags. As the off-season rolls around, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

According to Newspostalk, the gifts were given by San-Francisco-based Sundown Attach, an equity-centric cannabis brand. Its CEO, Ali Jamalian, felt that giving a goodie bag to the Golden State Warriors was a community-focussed move.

“Real to our origins, we functioned the neighborhood angles to obtain our champs a gift bag,” said Jamalian. “We wanted the team to go on vacation with real city fire.”

Hot off their 103-90 win against the Boston Celtics, the Golden State Warriors received the following gifts from Sundown Attach;

  • The brand’s trademark one-gram pre roll “Fulton Fiver” with Warrior-colored packaging
  • One 1.5-gram pre roll of Legends 002 Black-C
  • One-eighth of Legends 002 Black-C Madrina blossom
  • One pack of Sundown Attach 10mg THC Sour Apple and Pineapple gummies
  • One pack of Sundown Attach hash-infused Pet Pedestrians mini-joints
  • One pack of non-hash-infused Apples and Bananas mini-joints
  • One container of athletic recuperation gel made by John Murray
  • One “Holy Place Sphere” of hash
  • A T-Shirt from Sunset Connect

The boys are clearly well prepared for their week of celebrations. The NBA will continue to refrain from randomly drug testing players for marijuana in the forthcoming season but will test for human growth hormones, performance-enhancers, and drugs like methamphetamine, opioids, and cocaine.

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