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News | 05.03.2022

You Can Make More Than $2,000 By Getting High For Science

Get paid to do what now? Check out the upcoming John Hopkins study to see if you're eligible to participate.

Calling all cannabis users in Baltimore, Maryland, you now have the chance to get paid for getting high and drinking, thanks to a new study trial by the respected and renowned John Hopkins University. 

The institution recently released a posting that explains what you’re in for during the upcoming study. The university states it’s looking for healthy adults ages 21-50 who don’t mind eating edibles and drinking. All chosen participants will need to complete an in-person screening session to ensure they’re eligible for the trial. 

Next, those who pass the screening will have to return for seven more visits at the Bayview Medical Center. These seven sessions will complete “drug administration sessions,” which last about ten hours, so be prepared to spend the whole day there. 

Your time at the medical center will fly by after dosing a cannabis-infused brownie and sipping on some booze. The researchers will then ask participants to complete several tests that look at how they perform when dosing these substances. 

This big takeaway here is that you can earn up to $2,660 for participating in the entire study, which might help pay for your consumption habits down the line. This new study also gives you the chance to participate in something that adds reliable evidence to science-backed information on cannabis and related research. 

John Hopkins is a leading institution for peeling back the many complex layers of substances within their research and findings. The university has long studied the benefits of psychedelics like psilocybin and non-psychoactive compounds like CBD and how they can help manage opioid withdrawal. 

Because cannabis products and companies are popping up more than ever before, we can only expect more studies about the plant as time goes on. And, with the forthcoming John Hopkins trial, you can not only get paid to get high but add needed information and data to the industry that could potentially change how many people view cannabis. 

If you’re ready to get high and tipsy for science, click here to sign up for the upcoming John Hopkins study.  

Why It's Important To Smoke Weed Properly

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Cannabis is a wonderful plant, believed by many to be a gift from a deity, some cosmic energy, or Mother Earth herself. The plant has a ton of naturally occurring history and tradition that sets a frame or eclectic set of rules that should be followed to respect the produce and ourselves.

Weed can satisfy many needs and recreational purposes, serve with medicinal intent, and generally benefit our mental and bodily wellbeing. However, as it is powerful and capable of producing so much good, it can also be spiteful and harsh if not respected.

With all this in consideration, HOJ, a cannabis products brand, has a whole mystical and magical approach that respects the tradition of Jane. Their obsession with detail and quality can be seen in their products, which are properly made to harness nature’s gift to us: weed.

Respect, simplicity, nature, and craftsmanship are the values behind HOJ and, honestly, behind the responsible and conscious consumption of cannabis, which we all need to practice. Stoners should go back to the day when there was full respect for the ritual of smoking herb, and with brands like this one, it is possible.

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Benefits Of Using A Pipe And Grinder

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Many enjoy rolling joints, but this can be tiresome and eventually leads down a road that may be doing us more harm than good. Pipes allow the user to burn the flower without having to add paper, which will generate ash and smoke that can be avoided.

HOJ specializes in cannabis products that are reliable, beautiful, and clean. Their filters, papers, pipes, and grinders elevate the whole experience and ritual to the level it should be at or even higher.

Grinders are essential for the practical and conscious stoner. These tools allow us to turn cured bud into the flaky, powdery, and resinous substance we create joints, blunts, or direct smoke with a pipe.

There are many reasons why you would want to use a quality grinder. The most important reasons are to respect and honor the material, to save time and resources, to be cleaner and healthier, and get better results.

Once you produce immaculate and consistent powdered herb, you can really start enjoying elevated and purer user experiences.

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Why Should You Use Premium Accessories To Smoke Your Weed

Quality materials are essential for your cannabis-related accessories and products’ cleanliness, ease of use, and performance. As we’ve seen, it is of great importance to have tools that will make the trade better. As such, it is very indicative of a cannabis connoisseur to have reliable, handsome, and premium pieces. Premium accessories are all that weed is about. Whether you pick it because of the aesthetics of a tool or the quality of the materials with which it is produced, there’s always something pleasant about a top-tier gadget.

If you want to achieve better results and get better highs, you want to get better pipes, premium grinders, and quality paper. HOJ is determined to produce the best quality of accessories and supplies that the modern stoner needs to succeed.

Better paper means a cleaner and more efficient burn. Cleaner, premium pipes are synonyms of cleaner and smoother hits. A well-performing grinder is the reason why your bud conserves its taste, has a delicate aroma, and still produces strong and long-lasting effects.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality of our herb and how we consume them. If we’re using the same old dirty pipe, we’ll be failing to honor the product we supposedly love, so next time you smoke, make sure you’ve put some thought into how and why you’re doing it.

Why You Should Consider Upgrading To A Vaporizer

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When it comes to smoking weed, I can tell you that there’s nothing quite like hitting a vaporizer. Weed vaporizers are simply the best way to smoke weed, hands down.

There’s no risk of inhaling burned weed, which can contain all sorts of harmful chemicals. And since vaporizers heat the weed just enough to release the THC and other cannabinoids, you’re not wasting any of your precious buds. Plus, you can use the leftover weed to make edibles.

If you’re looking for a better way to smoke your herb, then the G Pen Elite is the way to go. The G Pen Elite heats up quickly and evenly, delivering a smooth and flavorful vapor.

The G Pen Elite is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market, and for a good reason! It’s sleek, stylish, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great vaping experience. The G Pen Elite’s ceramic heating chamber evenly heats your herb, providing you with smooth vapor every single time. The built-in USB charger makes it easy to stay powered up. Whether at home or on the go, the G Pen is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite herbs.

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just getting started, the G Pen Elite is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality vaporizer. So what are you waiting for? Grab a G Pen Elite and start enjoying the high life!

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