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Guides | 02.27.2023

The Best Dual Use Vaporizers Of 2023

Who said you needed separate devices to vape flower and concentrates? Get a dual-use vaporizer so you can do both in one device. Here are the three best ones on the market. Created with XVAPE.

Vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis market, and we can see why. A vaporizer is not only a discreet, portable, and convenient way to consume cannabis; it is also cleaner and less harmful to our lungs. 

Most devices usually fall into two categories when it comes to the vaporizer market: dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. This may seem like a problem for those who like to mix up their cannabis consumption between flower and concentrates, but the good thing is that new vape pens come with a function that allows them to work with the two: dual-use vaporizers. 

Brands like XVAPE are leading the way in this industry with a complete portfolio of portable dual-use vaporizers designed to meet the needs, requirements, and budgets of any cannabis enthusiast.

What Is A Dual-Use Vaporizer?

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A dual-use vaporizer is basically a vape that you can use with dry herbs and concentrates. What a dual-use vape does is heat up the product in its oven, extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the product, regardless if it is dry cannabis flower or cannabis concentrates. 

Dual-use vaporizers are a great option for cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy both dry herb and concentrate since they can be vaped on the same device. With XVAPE’s dual-use devices, you just have to use the concentrate insert that’s included with them, and you’ll be ready to vape your favorite cannabis extracts.

The Best Dual-Use Vaporizers Of 2023

These are the three best dual-use vaporizers by XVAPE. There’s one for every user and every price point.


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The Aria is one of the highest-rated handheld dual-use vaporizers you can find today. It is an elegant vape that puts the convenience of dual-use vaporizing in a device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Using a full ceramic conduction heating chamber and an isolated air path, the Aria delivers the best tasting and smoothest vapor possible. Use it with your favorite flower or add its concentrate pad to enjoy your favorite extracts.

The Aria features a ceramic mouthpiece for easy draws and a solid metal frame for sturdiness and durability. The Aria also features an OLED digital screen where you can set your temperature between 212°F and 464°F. It will take only 15 seconds for the Aria to reach it. When it does, it will vibrate thanks to its haptic feedback technology.

With a full battery, the Aria will last up to 20 sessions, more than any other handheld vaporizer. The Aria is where great design, power, and delivery come together in a beautiful device.

XVAPE Starry 3.0

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The Starry is also amongst the best value for price dual-use vaporizers in the market right now. It has a great design, a portable size, and excellent functionality at an affordable price. With the Starry, your getting guaranteed sturdiness and durability since it has a body made of anodized aluminum and a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. Its ceramic chamber and conduction heating deliver smooth, flavorful vapor and easy draws every single time. 

The Starry’s temperature range from 212°F to 464°F, with a 25-second heat-up time and a haptic feedback technology that will make the device vibrate when it’s ready to use. You can customize your heating settings to the exact degree using the Starry’s intuitive controls and digital OLED screen. We recommend you use higher temps for concentrates and thick clouds and lower ones for full flavor.

The Starry is also compatible with your water pipe or bubbler. Add its adapters, and it’s good to go. All-in-all, the Starry 3.0 is a pocket-size device with the characteristics of a premium vaporizer at half the cost.


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The Avant features 100% convection heating, it comes in a portable size, it’s made with premium materials, and it has a stylish design. Its black anodized aluminum body ensures durability, sturdiness, and scratch resistance, and its sleek design makes it discreet, stylish, and easy to carry around.

The Avant also features a zirconian jewelry-grade ceramic mouthpiece that makes for smoother draws, a hinge-flip top for easy access and comfortable use, and a replaceable rechargeable battery ideal for on-the-go vaping.

What makes the Avant stand out from the rest is its true convection heating technology. This guarantees faster, more efficient, and even heating, preserving the product’s integrity without burning it, and more importantly, it maintains and maximizes its flavor profile.

When it comes to heating, the Avant features five preset temperature settings, ranging between 356°F and 428°F, and a 10-second heat-up time. This almost instant heat-up time, combined with the Avant’s convection technology, makes this the perfect device for vaping dry herb and concentrates with the push of a button.

Final Words

Vaporizers are every day becoming more popular and more common. Some people may even say they are a must-have accessory for any cannabis enthusiast. If you’re thinking of getting your first vaporizer or adding a new one to your collection, we highly recommend you go with one of these three devices from XVAPE. XVAPE’s products combine the best in design, functionality, and ease of use with a price tag that no other vape company in the market can offer. Besides, they work with dry herb and concentrates, making them the perfect choice if you’re a fan of both. 

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