CLSICS is a premier California cannabis brand focused on producing state of the art full spectrum live rosin and rosin infused products. Handcrafted in San Diego by true connoisseurs; ice, water, heat, pressure, and cannabis are the only ingredients used in their products which means that their products are completely free of any residual solvents typically present in hash made from butane or CO2 extraction. 

They believe that rosin is not only the apex of cannabis extraction, it’s also part of a natural lifestyle. Carefully crafted and perfectly pressed, the CLSICS processes are designed to capture the true essence of every cultivar they select resulting in an unrivaled aromatic and flavorful experience.

These compounds work together to deliver an unmatched experience commonly known as the “entourage effect”.  They were the first to create a rosin-infused strain-specific pre-roll line intentionally made for an easy to use, on-the-go rosin experience for novices and experts alike.

They believe solventless live rosin is the future, and the future is here. Today Just Got Better.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto