Nothing But Canna

Nothing But Hemp is an immersive and comprehensive experience for individuals seeking a truly unique selection of premium hemp-derived THC-infused products, including scrumptious edible snacks and refreshing beverages, as well as other cannabinoid items, such as topicals and elixirs that transport users to a place that goes beyond healing.

Having served over 200,000 loyal customers nationwide through our easy-to-use website and retail stores in Minnesota and Florida, Nothing But Hemp is passionate about educating clients on the power and elevating qualities of our safe and impactful product offerings. 

 As part of that commitment, everyone who works for our organization must undergo extensive and rigorous training and obtain professional certification in CBD Physiology and Health.

 As a result, Nothing But Hemp has been:

We are passionate and committed to helping as many people as possible experience the magic and majesty of hemp. In doing so, we are committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers and helping them separate facts from fiction about hemp’s versatile, organic, and healing nature.

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