District Cannabis

As District aims to expand its recognition, we never want to forget our roots. It all started for us in the nation’s capital, and we hope to replicate the approachability that bonded us with the diverse mix of characters that make Washington, D.C., the vibrant city we are proud to represent.

Our family-owned business is one of the few vertically integrated cannabis companies in the DMV that isn’t a large MSO. Our goal is to offer quality medicine at an affordable price. However, we believe that cannabis can be both an essential medicine and an enjoyable experience. While we take the creation of our product seriously, once the hard part is over and the cannabis is ready to be packaged for market, we like to have a little fun.

We do not try to have the flashiest packaging or devise expensive tech gimmicks for our customers. Instead, we aim to provide a warm and friendly experience, like a hug from a loved one, a bowl of chicken noodle soup from your favorite neighbor, or the smell of your mom’s famous (at least to us) cinnamon rolls.

District Cannabis, The Nation’s Cannabis.

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