True X Herb

Nowadays, fashion is not just fashion. Fashion and what it represents go far beyond what we put on our bodies as clothing. Rather, the story behind the brand, its values, and fundamental pillars. And if there’s a brand that knows how to connect cannabis with unique style, it’s TRUE.

TRUE, born in Medellín, Colombia, is the result of vision and creative spontaneity from its creator, who has always challenged the status quo of fashion in general. Daniela – its founder – did that by customizing her own creations since she couldn’t find clothing that spoke her style.

Today, every stitch, every TRUE design does more than make a brand; it makes a community. A global community of creatives where ideas resonate with the music, are empowered among friends and find their ultimate expression in the freedom to dress. 

The best part? This 420, Herb and TRUE finally joined their forces. But it’s more than just a union of brands; it’s the materialization of a deeper bond.

This collection represents the connection and unity that cannabis can inspire. Under the slogan “Connected Souls,” this line was made as a way to connect to something beyond the superficial, to connect yourself to the cannabis community, our values, and our internal connections with ourselves.

This collaboration not only celebrates fashion and culture but also highlights the power of cannabis to unite people across the world. This plant, though illegal in more places than not, creates authentic connections between souls. Now, it’s time to show that appreciation through your unique style.

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