Discount CBD Co.

DCC was created to give CBD and Delta enthusiasts a place to shop online for various CBD & Delta products without paying the extravagant prices the consumer has been accustomed to paying. We bring the power of choice to the consumer, where they can receive up to 70% off regular retail prices. The executives at DCC are from the vape, CBD and Kratom industries and, therefore, very much in lockstep with industry trends and errors committed by traditional retailers. While COGS for raw materials has been decimated, no one in the industry has taken the approach quite like DCC.

“Great brands offered at exclusive discounted prices.”

Part of our mission is to appear as the in the CBD & Delta world. We take on the overstocks, closeouts & overruns and bring them to the consumer for, literally, a fraction of the going MSRP. As well, brands that we have created “in-house” have been done so with the consumer in mind: quality products at an affordable price.

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