Experion keeps it fresh. Their facility is situated at Stave lake, Canada, so watering their produce with the most nourishing type of water — mountain water of all things — couldn’t get any better. On top of the local mountain water, they grow small batches at a time that are free of pesticides, so you know their cannabis is getting that self-care treatment.

  • Waters their crop with fresh spring mountain water.
  • Zero pesticides or sprays in their agricultural techniques.
  • Hand cared-for produce that’s grown in small batches.

Experion experts have curated a perfect blend of products that open up new levels of diversity. It speaks volumes knowing that their first strain won a first-place award for the Best Sativa in 2018. Overseeing each and every step of plant development has a huge part to play in their unique practice. Start a new experience, but keep it garden-fresh.

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