Hitoki products are about enjoying the experiences. It’s about sharing the experience with new and old friends. It’s about getting the best quality and full potential of your herb. We are smokers designing products for smokers. We don’t just understand the culture, we are a part of it. We have had an intimate relationship with the plant starting when we were teens.

Our goal with Hitoki products is to make smoking devices that are easy to use and maintain, we make products that allow for the full potential of your flower to be experienced, and to hit the pain points of the smoking experience and make it easier or elevate it.

Our features:


  • Best battery life in the game. Over 280 draws on a charge
  • All in one system ready to use out of the box. comes with hookah hose but can also get the adjustable mouthpiece for more of a bong experience
  • Integrated water filter 
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body 
  • Better laser visual then the Saber 


  • 60 ignitions on a charge 
  • Modular which means you can use our easy to clean bubbler that doubles as a cleaning tool. You can soak the ignition chamber right inside the bubbler so you can use a minimal amount of iso. You can use it with our new receiver or your favorite 14 or 18 mm glass fitting pieces. 
  • Portable when paired with our portable attachment. 


  • Windproof
  • Use usbc fast charging 
  • Deliver unbeatable flavor because we only use laser/light energy for a contaminated free experience. 
  • Never worry about losing your lighter or having butane fumes enter your lungs or alter the flavor of your flower. 
  • Should be hit like a vape for best results so the ember has time to grow. If you hit a herb vape to hard you wont get good vapor production. 
  • Ceramic removable loading chambers for fast reloads 
  • Instant combustion 
  • Easy to use 1 button design 
  • FDA standard safety features  
  • Easy to use in 3 easy steps. load lock light 
  • A greener experience on the planet because they don’t need disposable plastic lighters that end up trashed

Lasers are definitely cool to look at when lighting your herb but that is not even the main feature that makes Hitoki products great! 

Many are reporting these 2 main points of why they enjoy our laser system:

  1. They are reporting potent effects and because of that they are able to smoke less while still achieving the same potent effects or better which results in money saved which is also what consumers are reporting. In times like these that is important because many are looking to save money on things they love using.
  2. People are also reporting getting the best flavors they have ever experienced with super smooth less cough experience.

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