LEUNE goes leaps and bounds over the traditional identity of your common cannabis brand. They are, first and foremost, a lifestyle brand that intends for the idea of cannabis usage to transcend the mere act of ‘getting high’. They elevate the conversation around cannabis by holding their products subject to insurmountable quality standards. 

The LEUNE brand is home to an array of three different collections; consumables, accessories, and fashion. LEUNE offers consumables with stand-out flavor profiles made possible by partnering with top-of-the-line cultivators and manufacturers that follow transparent production protocols consistently and reliably.

At the core of LEUNE is their mission to educate, amplify, and work towards creating real change around social justice reform. Through their partnerships with Last Prisoner Project, Eaze’s Momentum, and Broccoli Mag’s Floret Coalition they are committed to keeping the conversation a high priority.

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