My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase® is the creation of ultrapreneur Doreen Sullivan who designs her pieces with the desire to normalize home consumption and create a more aesthetically pleasing water pipe. “It’s a beautiful plant and should be consumed in a beautiful way” says Sullivan. Her elegant, premium quality vases are for the sophisticated smoker who likes creative choices that complement an individual’s personality. They are objects of art, conversation pieces, and super pleasing to use. It’s a Vase. It’s a Bong. It’s Smoking Made Beautiful.

Each My Bud Vase® is crafted from a variety of materials (glass, porcelain, ceramic) with every detail carefully designed and made; from the bowl, to the decorative accoutrements, to the floral arrangement (that also doubles as a flower poker to clear your bowl). This attention to detail and this brand’s mission to celebrate the spirit of cannabis and the power of femininity are evident in every beautiful piece. Marrying artistry, accessibility, and cannabis, My Bud Vase® helps close the smoking stigma gap.

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