Organigram to the rescue! If you’re just starting out on your cannabis journey, then look no further, because this brand seeks to eliminate all the guesswork. By providing starter-pack-like products to users, they include cannabis at each spectrum: indica, sativa, and strains rich in CBD.

  • Great for beginners. Provides starter packs to make that first experience as smooth as possible.
  • Indoor-grown cannabis with a low cultivation cost per gram.
  • A wide selection of rich strains for all needs.

They’re also really honest about their production methods by letting their consumers know what’s organically grown, and what’s not. Organigram doesn’t want their users to feel alone in their product choice, so they’ve added a selection of products that suit each type of personality. From whole flower, vaporizers, and cannabis oils, Organigram has put your needs first and foremost.

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