Perfect Plant

Perfect PlantTM is Tennessee’s premier cannabis company. We opened the first true cannabis dispensary in Nashville, back in 2018, and now have multiple dispensaries, over 20 different products we make here in TN, and a distribution network that spans from the US Virgin Islands to Wyoming. However our inception goes back to 2017, during the Hemp Pilot Program where TN was one of a handful of states allowed to grow hemp, and our founder was a partner in one of the 200 odd licensed hemp farms. This was a time before the CBD boom, before the 2018 Farm Bill (which was enacted at the very beginning of 2019) which made hemp federally legal, a time when only the true trail blazers could really see a clear path forward. In early 2018, during a vision quest in the jungles of Peru our founder set intentions to double down on the pursuit to pioneer cannabis south. Just a short 6 months later our first store was open. Perfect Plant was built around one core tenant = quality control. We are not corporate businessmen trying to make a buck off the “green-rush”, we are a group of creatives, free spirits, and wild cards working together to curate the best quality cannabis while ushering in the end of prohibition once and for all. It is truly a joy to serve our community and quite literally all walks of life. In these chaotic times we take great pride in putting our energy into something that unites people and brings a little more positivity into this world.

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