Addition and stepping up the cannabis game. That’s what the PLUS brand is all about… Nay, that’s what the PLUS company, processes, distribution, and product innovation is all about. PLUS focuses on making cannabis-infused edibles a more reliable, consistent, safe, and tasty category. In fact, they are so in-tune with this mission that they go as far as testing every single batch of products 8X over, just to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for. 

PLUS focuses on providing exceptionally crafted cannabis edibles created through best-in-class food manufacturing practices and a precision dosing system that ensures an incredibly pleasant cannabis experience. A focus that is further empowered by their product classification which makes it especially easy to pick out the product that fulfills your needs.

PLUS offers two different product lines – THC-infused mints and gummies – and an entirely different portfolio of hemp CBD gummies. Both equally delicious and unique.

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