Prism Water Pipes

Ever wanted a bong that literally solves all your bong problems? Well Prism Water Pipes has that exact bong for you. They have designed a modular bong that easily twists apart and held together with thread connectors making for a super tight and secure seal. Why is this epic? Well, a bong that comes apart is SUPER easy to clean.  No more having to rig together a toothbrush and q tips to clean those hard-to-reach spots. You literally never have to have a dirty bong again. Yes, MIND BLOWN. It’s also super easy to store and travel with so now you can take your bong on a hike or out on your travels. Lastly, it’s fully customizable and interchangeable, so you can mix and match an array of different glass types, glass colors, and glass decals into your personalized setup.

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