Top Shelf Hemp Co.

Our Mission

At Top Shelf Hemp™, our singular focus is to stand as the ultimate choice in the alternative cannabinoid market. Our journey began in mid-2017, dedicating the initial 18 months to fostering direct relationships with farmers, expanding our network, and strategically preparing for the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Once enacted in December of ’18, we swiftly introduced our products to the market. Fast forward nearly six years, and our momentum only surges forward.

Our vision extends beyond the present; we foresee continual advancements in the smokable hemp flower market. We aim for our offerings to be hailed for what they truly are: Exquisite Cannabis cultivated with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and an unparalleled consumer experience.


 Our Farm

At the core of our process lies our farm, where our commitment to quality begins from the very seed. Our approach to farming is deeply rooted in harmony with nature. We firmly stand against the use of pesticides, excessive plastic, and harmful farming methods, seeing them as detrimental to our industry. Embracing a philosophy that values partnering with Mother Nature, we cultivate our own farm and collaborate with carefully selected partners who utilize organic, untainted land.

Employing no-till practices, we prioritize fortifying the rich ecosystem of microorganisms within the soil, recognizing their invaluable contribution to nurturing our plants. Our custom blended compost teas serve as nourishment for both the plants and the soil, ensuring sustained growth throughout the season. While pesticides may deter pests, their consumption poses significant risks to health and the environment—a reality we adamantly oppose.

Our Staff


Once only operating in a small section of this building, we quickly grew to take over the entire warehouse and office areas. Our Staff is continuously growing and now stands at over 60. We constantly look to promote our workers from within and build our entire staff up. As we bring new people in, they become family.  When the entire warehouse shares the same goals, and mission, it’s hard not to love everyone! We are focused on providing an amazing work environment for our workers. After all, every person handling this plant affects the experience of the end consumer. 

Our Process

After our Hemp is grown it is taken into our facility to be processed. Every nug is trimmed and sorted before being stored in our climate controlled rooms. Jars and tubes are labeled, then the product is weighed by hand by our expert production team to ensure weights are never short. Select nugs are infused in our new state-of-the-art cryo process. Pre-rolls are composed of 100% flower to ensure the best flavor for our customers. Each Caviar or Cannagar is then taken from our prized pre-roll room and taken to our painting team to be skillfully painted and coated in kief to ensure even coverage. Every cart or disposable starts as distillate that is craftily mixed and blended with other cannabinoids to ensure the most potent of mixes; then filled with lightning fast quickness. All to guarantee that Top Shelf quality emanates from everything we do.

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