Trec Brands

Trec Brands stand for something more than just another cannabis corporation: Trust, Respect, Equality, Compassion. All things that a powerful brand needs for setting standards. They’ve built their brand with a sincere purpose. And that purpose is huge: Trec Brands contribute 10% of their profit to groundbreaking resources that have a positive impact on the planet, communities, and society.

  • Affordably priced products for better availability.
  • Offers 10% of profit to the earth and to communities.
  • Built on the foundation of trust, respect, equality, and compassion.

This type of work ethic means honestly priced cannabis that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. They’re also no stranger to using cannabis either — some being self-proclaimed connoisseurs! So they know what’s good enough and what’s not. Spark it up in the name of trust.

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