United Greeneries Ltd.

Even the name United Greeneries Ltd focuses on the brand’s passion for natural produce. From seed to shipment, the brand has an honest concern for how the product is being grown. Without a doubt, United Greeneries cannabis produce is sustainably and responsibly created with the planet’s wellbeing in mind.

  • Grown on Vancouver Island by those local to the land.
  • Ran by a team of professionals.

With their team of engineers, horticulturalists, and entrepreneurs, they’ve curated the perfect blend of terpene retention, moisture, and the overall quality of the flower. Catering to a wide variety of individual tastes and sensitivities, United Greeneries Ltd have a range of premium cannabis oils, extracts, and concentrates. They’ve included CBD dominant, THC dominant, and mixed strains to target pleasant experiences all the way around. We’ll unite to that!

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