We want to create enhanced wellness via comfortable, waterless filtering, and eco-friendly smoking devices, which rival the inhalation experience of vaping. Our company is committed to promoting all the health benefits of the natural cannabis plant; its terpenes and other healing properties delivered in the entourage effect, via our exclusively designed cough-less best weed pipes and accessories.

The entourage effect is the combined effect of different compounds found in cannabis that work together as a whole to produce a greater effect than if working separately to produce separate effects. The role of terpenes and cannabinoids enhance the entourage effect and magnify therapeutic benefits.

Weedgets enhance the experience of inhalation for both the recreational consumer and the medical patient.

Weedgets was founded by Michael Barenboym, a world-renowned medical-device engineer and designer, who spent over 35-years of his career developing life saving technologies. Read more about Michael Barenboym’s incredible story.

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