Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

Meet your new must-have smoking accessory. This revolutionary product has absolutely everything you need to organize your smoking gear, your accessories, and your stash all in one beautiful place. Designed and manufactured in Colorado, made from premium materials, and hand-finished with Italian varnish, this tray is the ultimate accessory that any stoner should have. The Blazy Susan Spinning Tray features:

  • Two rolling areas
  • Three lighter holes
  • One 3″ cutout for a grinder, torch, or jar
  • Two custom multi-purpose silicone inserts 
  • One 3″ silicone pad for your glassware
  • Three banger holders
  • Two phone holders
  • One stepped cupholder
  • One medical-grade silicone slap for concentrates
  • Five multi-purpose slots

There’s no other rolling tray such as this one in the market, made by smokers for smokers. Say goodbye to messy coffee tables, broken glassware, or lost lighters; the Blazy Susan has a specific compartment to store and keep safe every piece of smoking paraphernalia you may have. Your smoke sessions will never be the same with the Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray!

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