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Top Secret w/Sliver Evolution SliderGenius Pipe

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It’s called Genius because it’s the future of smoking. This three-piece metal device is perfect for discreet or on-the-go smokers. On the inside, they have a patented air cooling system that lowers your smoke’s temperature and stops any impurities from getting into your lungs. 

  • Traps odors
  • Cools down and filters smoke
  • Bowl is covered when not in use
  • Includes One Genius TruTaste screen, Black Evolution Slider 
  • Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches

When you want to hit it, just slide the lid, fill it up, take your hit, and close it back up. Nobody’s going to notice you just smoked. Ultra elegant, ultra-discreet, and ultra-efficient. This stylish and authoritative pipe will challenge any object in the room when it comes to its essence, function, and beauty and is guaranteed to become an excellent conversation piece. But only you, the holder of TOP Secret will know its true value. The Top Secret is “The One Who Smokes This Pipe Controls The Room”.


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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto