Honeybee Herb – Ceramic Nails

The Ceramic 6-IN-1 Original Nail utilizes an older but extremely versatile design. This ceramic nail can fit just about any size joint that you might want to put it on. When you receive your Ceramic 6-IN-1, it will be in its male configuration. It has three notches that taper from 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. When you unscrew the dish portion from the body, you will be able to flip and reattach the body to the dish using the smaller threaded hole. This changes the nail into a Female joint and also tapers from 10mm, 14mm all the way to 18mm. This allows the 6-IN-1 Ceramic nail to fit onto virtually any rig you could try and use it with.

Ceramic can be a desirable material to dab off of for a couple of reasons. Being that ceramic is made using heat and fire, it can withstand a very high-temperature exposure, which makes it more durable than some other nails. Ceramic is a slower heating material, which some dabbers prefer over quartz. Personal preference has a lot to do with whether or not someone prefers ceramic over another material, but it is definitely not a new material to the dab game and has been used to make dab nails for a long time now.

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