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EZ Pipe

The EZ Pipe is an ingenious device that combines lighter, pipe, and cleaning tool into one compact system. Tired of your lighter, pipe, cleaning tool, and cannabis all floating loosely around your backpack like a tornado of cannabis paraphernalia? Use this discreet pipe to organize everything you need to smoke so you never have to wonder “where did I put my lighter?” ever again. 

  • Small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. 
  • Sealable top cap allows you to close the lid and slide the EZ Pipe back into your pocket immediately after taking a hit for ultimate discreteness. 
  • Available in a number of colors including blue, green, and pink. 

To use the EZ Pipe, simply load your herb into the sealable top cap, and store your lighter in the holster. Then, when you’re ready to smoke, slide the top cap open, spark the lighter, and draw through the attached mouthpiece. Finish the process with the included cleaning tool. The EZ Pipe is the perfect tool for quick, on-the-go sessions. 

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