Course Bundle

Learn at your own pace with over 20 hours of on-demand cannabis courses and content. 4 of the 5 courses have final exams and award certifications. Cannabis for All has knowledge check quizzes and comes with a certificate of completion

The 5 Course Bundle includes:

Professional Interpening

Every industry has its connoisseurs and gurus – cannabis is no different.  As an interpener, you’ll be best described as a Cannabis Sommelier and will be impressing strangers at pot-friendly parties for the rest of your life. Learn interpening and you’ll be able to identify the quality and effects of cannabis flower in no time… by only using your senses!

Cannabis for All

Cannabis for All is the Crash Course for the cannabis curious. Trichome Institute created this back-to-basics tour through the most important topics for any level of consumer. Are vape pens safe? What’s a sublingual? How will sativa affect me? If you’re overwhelmed by information, baffled by what’s fact or fiction, and just want basic, BS-free advice, this is the course for you.

Cannabis Consultant Training

CCT dives deep into the technical and scientific aspects of cannabis.  This course is ideal for anyone looking to simply take the next step with their cannabis education, or is looking to work in the industry.  This is the course that many dispensaries use to train their retail staff!

Extraction & Concentrates Fundamentals

All we can say is, that you better start taking notes now!  ECF is one of our more technical courses and it strictly focuses on cannabis concentrates and the various techniques that create them!  Taught by Murphy Murri, a badass industry OG, you’re going to have your mind blown with the information she shares!

Cooking With Cannabis (NEW!)

Cooking with Cannabis was created in partnership with The American Culinary Federation for professional chefs, cooks, and proficient home cooks. This course aims to provide you with the required knowledge to safely and effectively prepare and serve cannabis infusions.

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