Cucumber and Mint Sparkling Water 335ml

Edibles are finally here, and Quatreau Cucumber & Mint is a deliciously refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling water beverage to make other edibles green with envy. With 20 mg of CBD it’s a satisfying and a delightful choice. Quatreau is about taking back time, about making situations a little simpler. About taking moments to reset and recharge before you get ready to tackle what you have to do next.
Edibles are more appealing than the typical flower. They taste good, don’t smell, they’re easier on the throat, and their effects are often completely different from the high you would get from smoking. We’re in an age where too much still feels like not enough. That’s where Quatreau comes in- when you need some me time, Quatreau has made this delicious drink for you. Perfectly served Cold or over Ice.




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