Aurora DriftSoft Baked Chocolate Cookies (Blend)

Indulge in some chocolaty goodness with a soft baked, chocolate brownie flavoured, cookie infused with THC – we call that an all round winner! So why not let the deliciousness of the chocolate and the enhancing feelings from the THC take you on a pleasant journey. The cookies are a great alternative to combustibles, creating a smoke free experience, this is perfect for a more discreet way of consuming cannabis.

Each pack contains 10mg of THC, extracted from a hybrid plant you can expect a balanced high with uplifting effects followed by a pleasant state of relaxation. With two cookies per pack why not share your adventure with a friend!


10 mg
0-0.5 mg


Full Body
1 hour

Aurora Drift

Inspired by technology and nature, Aurora Drift is looking into the future of cannabis. Offering a selection of vaporizers and edibles, their products are suited to the discreet, on-the-go user. Their disposable vapes are particularly good for first-timers.

  • Available in edibles and vaporizers for subtleness.
  • Great for beginners.

Since they’re non-rechargeable, there’s no need to worry about dragging along a battery-pack, simply puff and go. Aurora Drift also tempts you to follow your taste with a variety of edibles that come in gummies, mints, chocolate squares, and soft-baked chocolate cookies — mmm. Whatever your taste, drift off to your heart’s content.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto