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Kush Burst GummiesDirect Delta 8

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Kush Burst offers five different, but equally delicious Delta 8 THC gummies. Each flavor is ridiculously tasty and will leave you feeling like one is just not enough. One bag contains 10 gummies, each one dosed with 50 mg of Delta 8 THC. This makes it a total of 500 mg of D8 per pack. Every flavor comes in a resealable bag for proper storage, so you can keep your gummies fresh for a long time.

  • 5 Different Flavors
  • 50 mg Delta 8 THC/Gummy
  • 10 Gummies/Bag

Feel all your anxiety melt away with your flavor of choice. This includes a fruity assortment to choose from, including Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Punch, Sour Apple, or White Peach. The 500 mg of Delta 8 THC found in each bag will keep you occupied for a while, not to mention stress-free, calm, and feeling more balanced overall.

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50 mg


Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto