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Have a sweet tooth? Well Raspberry Vanilla Chews by Foray are just the right sweet to satisfy that craving! Imagine the whole entourage of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids available in a ready made sweet chew, creating a symphony of therapeutic effects in every dose. A package contains two pieces each of 2mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. They are both pectin based, vegan and gluten free.

These chews are also sugar free and made with natural ingredients, formulated with a mild indica sativa blend. Get a taste of a well balanced high of both relaxation and euphoria. These sweet treats are pre portioned for easy consumption, a discreet way of consuming cannabis also, handy to fit in your bag or back pocket and take with you on the go. So go on and treat yourself!




Full Body
1 hour


For the curious cannabis connoisseurs, Foray invites you to celebrate and educate with cannabis. They are taking a different route on how cannabis is being viewed by users. Product packaging includes a set of shapes and colours for users to identify the type, category, and onset time of Foray’s products.

  • Available in vapes, soft chews, and chocolates.
  • Unique identification of characteristics for each product.

If you prefer to be discreet about your cannabis use, Foray has a number of ways for you to keep it low-key. In the form of smokeless vapes, soft chews without the cannabis taste, and chocolate in different flavors, you can tactfully ease into it. Treat yourself to a guarded secret.

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