AgMedicaKent County Kush- Indica- 3.5g

Kent County Kush is strain grown and named after the county where it is produced. This specific bud is a blueberry-cross which gives this unique strain a versatile taste that hints at flavours of citrus fruits.

This bud is an indica-dominant strain which will provide users with a deep sense of full body relaxation. With a particular savoury taste this strain is best for relaxing.

The overall concentration of THC to CBD will average 16%-22% to 1% meaning that this strain falls under moderate to high potency. As it derives from an Indica it is best consumed at night.


16-22 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


How many steps does it take to know if you have clean, top-quality cannabis? Well, according to AgMedica, it’s hundreds. Every product in their facility goes through a 600-step quality assurance test to make sure you’re getting the best-of-the-best, without exception.

  • Recycles their energy resources for sustainability.
  • Dedicated to cannabis development through continuous research.

Each grow room allows them to have different growing environments to ensure optimal growth. The air is recycled which gives them efficient conservation of energy. Applied through a variety of strains, their work ethic respects nature. This helps to produce their very unique selection of flower, oil, and cannabis devices.

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