AltaVie Airplane Mode Cannabis
AltaVie Airplane Mode Cannabis
AltaVie Airplane Mode Cannabis

AltaVie by MedReleafAirplane Mode

Ready for take off? Airplane mode by Alta Vie is a classic Kush Indica dominant strain. Made up of light green buds weaved with vibrant orange hairs, the dried flower is trimmed, sorted and grown indoors with the ultimate care.

Users can expect an earthy, pine scent with sweet floral notes exposed through the array of terpenes present. Beta pinene is a compound released by forest trees and related to feelings of alertness. Caryophyllene is common in basil and hops and associated with anti inflammatory effects. Myrcene is found in mangoes and is useful in reducing chronic pain. Terpinolene is found also in nutmeg, tea tree, and apples.

The THC content in the strain is a mid 14-16% which presents a more deeper high in users, feelings of relaxation, calmness and release are apparent leading to a more mind freeing high. Perfect to unwind to after a long day.


14-16 %
0-1 %


Full Body
3 hours


3.5 g

AltaVie by MedReleaf

What if you could breathe in a new perspective on the world? Passionate about mindful living, AltaVie by MedReleaf invites you to expand your horizons and dive into a new mindset. It’s time to slow down, think deep, and discover the present moment with AltaVie craft cannabis flower. After all, there’s no time like right now.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto