Nebula 2 1g

Bred between Paradise Seeds and the CBD Crew, Nebula 2 CBD is 60/40 sativa dominated. This strain is developed to contain balanced levels of CBD to THC, resulting in a top choice for medical cannabis consumers. The strain is perfectly balanced in creating a calming and energising effect, perfect to consume any time of day.

The strain carries with it a fruity and earthy aroma, emitting a hint of sweet honey all of which add to the enjoyment through the interesting blend of flavours. A treat to the palate as well as enhancing energy and productivity levels through the naturally present terpenes, this strain is something else!

Nebula 2 comes with a low to moderate CBD and THC concentration at around 7% giving a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio resulting in a more balanced high. This strain is perfect for creating some down time perhaps after a long day or just when you need that time out moment.





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